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It's been quite a while, but here are some new suggestions for :iconnewanimallife:.

1. Besides Acme Looniversity and Perfecto Prep, what other Cartoon-like schools should there be in Looney-Earth?

Disney Looniversity, Duckridge High School, Bunnymund Community College (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Hogrunner High School, Looneytuney Elementary School, Lununny Middle School, Black Lobo Community College (suggested by :iconadamry:)

2. In FutureMagic-Earth, what should Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Felicia be?

Immortal beings of Light 0

Leaders of a tribe of ferals 2

Living spirits of light 0

3. In Looney-Earth, Roy and Helen Knable run a small business, what should their small business be?

Sports coaches (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Teachers (suggested by :iconadamry:)

4. In Fat-Earth, what should the Pudgy Princesses’ husbands, the Pudgy Princess, dress up in?… (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

sleeveless tunics, pants and crowns:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

5. In Slither-Earth, what should Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Felicia be?

Giant Snakes 0

Snakillas 1

Nagas 0

Pancoatls 1

6. In AnthroBound-Earth, what should the Gaggon Couple ( ) do in their lives?

Isolated Hermits 1

Rich Heritage 0

Teachers 1

7. What should the Makyans (… ) look like in animal form?

Like the elves:… but with dinosaur tails, Orc-like noses:… and lizard-like legs (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like gurgums with gargoyle-like faces:… turtle-like feet and tails:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

8. What should the Shamoians (… ) look like in animal form?

Like koalas with T-Rex-like legs and arms, Orc-like noses:… and turtle-like hands:… (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like baby T-Rexes without any tails, Steef-like feet and elephant-like ears (suggested by :iconadamry:)

9. What should the Munchkins from Oz ( ) look like in animal form?

Like mice with hedgehog-like heads:… dog-like feet and short monkey-like tails (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like chihuahuas with dwarf-like faces, mouse-like tails and buck teeth (suggested by :iconadamry:)

10. What should the Winkies ( ) look like in animal form?

Like dwarves:… with lion-like heads, tauros-like tails:… and cat-like legs (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like barbaloots:… with dog-like feet and tails:… cat-like ears and mouse-like noses:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

11. What should the Juraians (… ) look like in animal form?

Like tigers with ram-like horns, hylian-like ears, incarnace-like tails and hind hooves on their legs (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like incarnaces with bear-like heads:… maleron-like feet, skunk-like tails and fangs:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

12. What should the Horrorland Horrors (… ) species name be called and what should they look like in animal form?

Horranders, like frogs with monkey-like heads, their trademark mouthes and eyes and turtle-like tails:… (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Horroarers, their trademark heads are the same, but they stand like monkeys with frog-like feet and gurgum-like hands (suggested by :iconadamry:)

13. In Imagine-Earth, what should Iron Mutt’s look be like?

Superior:… 2

Starboost:… 0

Original 0

14. What should Neanderthals (… ) be called as animals and what should they look like?

Nanderillas, like gorillas, but with steef-like heads, ankylosaur-like legs and troll-like teeth:… (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Rammerderthals, looking like fat wolves with yeti-like faces, steef-like front feet, and a mammoth-like tail:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

15. What should the Goosebumps’ Werewolf (… ) species be called and what should they look like in NAL?

Gubumpolf, stands like a warg, in the style of the Goosebumps’ Werewolf. (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Goowolf, like a wolf-like ape with arms like a gigantopithecus:… a furry maleron-like tail (suggested by :iconadamry:)

16. Should I add junior cartoon characters (like Dora the Explorer, Neverland Pirates, Sofina the First, etc.) or not?

Yes 1

No 0

Maybe 1

17. What should Marikoh’s (… ) species be called and what should they look like in feral form?

Marikraptors, standing like a T-Rex, but in Marikoh’s style (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Markronners, ape-like dragons:… with crocodile-like feet, T-rex-type hind legs, and they stand like steefs (suggested by :iconadamry:)

18. Should the Big Hero 6 be animals or robots?

Animals 1

Robots 1

19. What should the City Elves (……… ) be called and what should they look like in animal form?

Cityevens, like wolves with pointy long ears, monkey-like tails, dragon-like feet and lion-like manes:… (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Skyscrapelves, gazelle-like canines with hylian-like heads, hartebeest horns:… poodle-like tails and wooly legs:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

20. What should Krampus ( ) species be called?

Krangoats (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Kranglumps (suggested by :iconadamry:)

21. What should the Qunari (…… ) look like in animal form?

Like bighorn sheep:… with wolf-like faces, their trademark horns, maleron-like tails, and bigger hooves (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like big lions with their trademark horns, dragon-like tails, legs like this:… and toon-styled lion-like faces:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

22. What should Deadpool’s wife, Shiklah (… ) be?

Duck like Deadpool 1

Her monster form (… ) 1

Please give me suggestions, please.


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