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Hey guys, Could I ask for 10 points so that I may ask two requests to :iconmagic-kristina-kw: to draw two pics for me?

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  • :iconjusttj:
    Donated Feb 10, 2014, 11:58:57 AM
Took from :iconsammychan816:

Apparently there is a hacker online who will hack into your account and post pornographic pictures in your gallery and block all of your friends.

If he sees you have this journal on, he won't hack your account.

Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

Counter-hack code for another hacker on the loose: Jkk2g67tlah3nm9/:44ffrn':Hzy<findss>gguub16j0


Here are some new suggestions for :iconnewanimallife:

1. Which is the best Mad Hatter, the animated one or the live action one starring Johnny Depp?

Animated one 1

Live Action 1

2. Should Fabletown (… ) be an actual town in New Stork?

Yes 2

No 0

3. Should fairies be their own species or just regular animals with fairy stuff (like Timmy’s fairy god parents)?

Species 0

Regular Animals 2

4. If so, what should the fairies look like?

Need suggestions.

5. What should Gonzo’s species look like in animal form?

Gonzalirds; Like Toucans but with Gonzo's head, penguins wings, duck feet and eagle legs (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Gozzards, they will have Gonzo's head, duck-like bodies and hawk-like legs (suggested by :iconadamry:)

6. What should this species ( ) be called and what should it look like?

Demonavens, ferals look like this:… but they stand like horses with demon tails, ears, eyes and horns, horse-like mane, lower teeth like trolls. the taurs are like the centaurs. (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Ravils, ferals stand like cows, but without the udders, demon tails, ears, eyes and horns, lower teeth like trolls and dog-like muzzles. The taurs are cow-like centaurs (suggested by :iconadamry:)

7. What should Kenki’s best friend and side-kick (… ) be named and what species should he be?

Toki Komaki, a fox (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Toshi Tachikawa, a wolf (suggested by :iconadamry:)

8. What should Lux ( ) be in the story?

Type of Money 2

Rare Gemstone 0

Magical Item 0

Rare Synthesis Material 0

Forge Material 0

9. What should Hearthstone (… ) be in the story?

Magical Item 2

Rare Synthesis Material 0

Forge Material 0

Name of a Fantasy card or RPG game (… ) 0

10. If the Rescue Rangers were to have a pet, what or who should it be?

Roachie (… ) 2

Other 0
Need Suggestions.

11. Should Nausicaa and Asbel ( ) be a couple or just friends and make lovers for them?

Couple 2

Friends 0

12. What should the Yordles (… ) look like in animal form?

Like mice but with the yordle heads and hobbit tails (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

 like monkeys, but with spiky-furred fox tails and wolf-like heads (suggested by :iconadamry:)

13. What should this version of Zoras (…… a51274b2bfd36c9eba6f-b2cc59e0e… a51274b2bfd36c9eba6f-b2cc59e0e… ) be called and what should they look like?

Rorvas, but they are the same as the river zoras (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Riverers, like dolphins, but have lower lips and teeth like trolls (suggested by :iconadamry:)

14. What should the Foretellers ( ) be?

Regional Gods 0

Biblical Characters 2

Mythical beings 0

15. After Ahsoka Tano ( ) quits into being a jedi, what should she do next?

FUN Member (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Civilian (suggested by :iconadamry:)

16. The Bionicle (… ) get extinct and become an ancient race, how should they get extinct?

When a meteor crashed on their planet (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Fall in a tar pit (suggested by :iconadamry:)

17. Legend tells that the Bionicle will be revived by a special person, who should that special person be?

Ansem the Wise (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Kenki Omichi (suggested by :iconadamry:)

18. Who should be Count Dracula’s wife?
(No Three Brides, only one wife and they have three daughters.)

Alyssa (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Tamora (suggested by :iconadamry:)

19. What should the Shistavanens (… ) look like in animal form?

The ferals like gorillas, but they have worgen tails and lower teeth like trolls. The taurs are like the gorilla taurs (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

 Like orangutans, but they have their remains and they have spiky-furred wolf tails (suggested by :iconadamry:)

20. What should the Ithorians (… ) look like in animal form?

The ferals stands like monkeys, but without tails, the taurs like the goramins (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like feral ants, but with 4 legs. The taurs are like the Nokis (suggested by :iconadamry:)

21. What should rodians ( ) look like in animal form?

The ferals like wolves, but with their trademark heads and have no tails, the taurs are dog-like like the Palelves (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

They'll be like the T-Rexes, but have their remains, but the taurs are like gorilla taurs (suggested by :iconadamry:)

22. What should the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom ( ) be?

Real group 0

Fictional group 0

Historical group 2

23. What should Aslan ( ) be?

A real king 0

A historical figure 0

A god 0

A mythical being 2

24. What should the Calamari (…… ) look like in animal form?

They will have dolphin tails and frog-like heads (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Vaporeon-like heads, dolphin bodies and tadpole-like tails (suggested by :iconadamry:)

25. What should Yoda’s species (… ) be called and what should they look like in animal form?

Yoddogs, they will be like chinchillas but with dog-like faces and Yoda's ears without the tail (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Yoyas, like hobbits, but with Yoda's remains and pig-like faces, the taurs are hobbit taurs (suggested by :iconadamry:)

26. There is a legal combat show (… ) that heroes and warriors fight each other in sportsmanship and also do different challenges, what should it be called?

Dreadlympics (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Deadympics (suggested by :iconadamry:)

27.  There is a show that interview heroes (… ), what should it be called?

Name that Hero (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Who's Gonna be a Hero (suggested by :iconadamry:)

28. Should Jen and Kira (… ) be living characters or historic characters but have a descendant?

Living 0

Historical 2

29. While they are unicorns, what should Lir and Amalthea (…… ) be for a living?

Living in Wildville (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Living in the Munkrystal Kingdom (suggested by :iconadamry:)

30. What should Thra ( ) be?

An ancient name of a former country 0

A name of a planet 0

A name a very small kingdom 2

31. Should Annabelle be a reindeer ( ) or remain a cow ( ) who can fly?

Reindeer 0

Cow 2

32. What should a Cheshire Cat be?

NAL species 2

Wildian 0

33. If a species, what should it be called instead and what should it look like?

Checatshires, they will be the same as the Chesire Cats in the Alice in Wonderland series (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Catisibles, like cat-like centipedes, the taurs are like basilisks (suggested by :iconadamry:)

34. What should Vulcans (… ) look like in animal form?

They will look like lions, but with horse-like faces and tails, bear-like feet and vulcan-like ears (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

 They'll be like the steefs, but with Pyroar-like manes and wolf-like hind feet, the taurs will be this:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

35. What should Klingons (… ) look like in animal form?

Like gorillas, but have hind feet like horses and fangs like smilodons (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Like rams, but with bull-like horns and dog-like muzzles (suggested by :iconadamry:)

36. What should the inklings (… ) be in animal form?

Like monkeys, but with fox feet, dog-like muzzles and ears and short tails (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

like miniature pinschers but with monkey tails and lion-like hair:… (suggested by :iconadamry:)

37. What should Chima ( ) be?

Ancient historic land 0

Alternate dimensions 0

Planet 2

38. What should the Ewoks ( ) look like in feral and taur form?

They will be like bear cubs, but the taurs are like the goramins (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

stand like koalas, but with lion-like manes, taurs are like the dweens (suggested by :iconadamry:)

39. What should the mothman ( ) be called and what should look like in animal form?

Mothans, they will be the same (suggested by :iconjacobyel:) 2

40. Should Geronimo (… ) be editor-in-chief of Wildville’s newspaper, or not?

Yes 1

No 1

41. Should the Knables ( ) write their own series or do their own TV series or neither?

Book series 0

TV series 2

None 0

42. What should the Barabels (… ) look like in feral and taur form?

They will be like monkeys, but have their remains (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

like Velociraptors, but with T-Rex heads, triceratops feet and Barabel tails (suggested by :iconadamry:)

43. Should Aphrodite pair up with Ares (like in Percy Jackson) or Hephaestus (like in Hercules)?

Ares 0

Hephaestus 2

44. What should these counterparts of Tony and Peg (… ) be?

Sanctum-Earth ( ) 0

Peace-Earth ( ) 2

45. What should Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Felicia’s counterparts in Forge-Earth ( ) be?

Members of the Truth 0

Ultima Hunters 2

Paradise Empire subjects 0

Mutated Freaks (like Ghouls:… ) 0

46. What should Diablo (…… )’s species be called?

Diableos (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Diablogres (suggested by :iconadamry:)

47. What should Diablo’s species be?

NAL species 2

Mythic creatures 0

48. What should the Rescue Rangers be in Pajama-Earth?

Regular ( ) 1

Elderly (… ) 1

49. What type of dragons should Hiccup and Astrid ( ) be?

Hiccup a Night Fury and Astrid a Nadder (suggested by :iconjacobyel:)

Hiccup a Terribe Terror and Astrid a Whispering Death (suggested by :iconadamry:)

50. Which version of Twilight Sparkle should be her Light-Earth counterpart? 0 0 2

Please give me suggestions, please.


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