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Hey Guys, I was thinking of making my own Pokemon Generation Game...thing, since my friend :iconsammychan816: did her own versions (twice). Don't think that I'm going to draw them or ask my friend and partner in :iconnewanimallife:, :iconjacobyel:, to draw them. This is just something I wanna share by journal.

Versions: TBA

Region: TBA

List of Pokémon
0. Magic Apprentice Pokémon (based on Sorcerer Mickey, changes into Master Forme (WIP) at certain location. When in Master Forme, it knows all TMs and HMs, like Mew.)
1. Elf Pokémon
2. Elf Pokémon
3. Elf Pokémon
4. Phoenix Pokémon
5. Phoenix/Dragon hybrid Pokémon
6. Phoenix/Dragon hybrid Pokémon
7. Mermaid Pokémon
8. Mermaid Pokémon
9. Mermaid Pokémon
10. Hobbit Pokémon
11. Hobbit Pokémon
12. Griffin Pokémon
13. Griffin Pokémon
14. Silkworm Pokémon
15. Cocoon Pokémon
16. Rainbow Butterfly Pokémon
17. Spider Pokémon
18. Drider Pokémon
19. Troll Pokémon
20. Troll Pokémon (Kinda looks like Captain Caveman from Hanna-Barbera, but a whole lot bigger, hairier, and smellier)
21. Male Orc Pokémon
22. Male Orc Pokémon
23. Male Orc Pokémon
24. Female Nymph Pokémon
25. Female Nymph Pokémon
26. Female Nymph Pokémon
27. Pixie Pokémon
28. Fairy God Mother Pokémon
29. Dwarf Pokémon
30. Dwarf Pokémon
31. Owlman Pokémon (Male only)
32. Owlman Pokémon (Male only)
33. Harpy Pokémon (Female only)
34. Harpy Pokémon (Female only)
35. Electric Anubis Pokémon
36. Electric Anubis Pokémon
37. Electric Anubis Pokémon
38. Poison Zombie Pokémon
39. Poison Zombie Pokémon
40. Poison/Ghost Vampire Pokémon
41. Poison/Ghost Vampire Pokémon
42. Genie Pokémon
43. Genie Pokémon
44. Fossil Mummy Pokémon
45. Fossil Mummy Pokémon
46. Fossil Chupacabra Pokémon
47. Fossil Chupacabra Pokémon
48. Fighting-type Argonaut Jason Pokémon
49. Fighting-type Hercules Pokémon
50. Ghost Gremlin Pokémon
51. Ghost Goblin Pokémon
52. Ghost Gargoyle Pokémon
53. Dark Werepup Pokémon
54. Dark Werewolf Pokémon
55. Living Snowman Pokémon
56. Ice Knight Pokémon
57. Snow Queen Pokémon (Female Only)
58. Magic Carpet Pokémon (No Evolutions or gender)
59. Wizard Pokémon (No evolutions, Male Only)
60. Witch Pokémon (No Evolutions, Female Only)
61. Big and Fat Mud Ogre Pokémon (No Evolutions)
62. Ground/Water-Type Kappa Pokémon
63. Ground/Water-Type Swamp Monster Pokémon
64. Cheshire Cat Pokémon
65. Cheshire Cat-like Tiger Pokémon
66. Little Clown Pokémon
67. Playful Jester Pokémon (Evolves from higher friendship)
68. Naughty Trickster Pokémon (Evolves from lower friendship)
69. Little Pony Pokémon (Mostly female, but there is male)
70. Magic Unicorn Pokémon (Female only)
71. Noble Steed Pokémon (Male only)
72. Jeweleon (Rock-type, based on a Carbuncle, Evolves by trading while holding an Enchanted Jewel)
73. Dark/Normal-type Rat Pickpocket Pokémon
74. Rat Thief Pokémon (based on Aladdin)
75. Rat Assassin Pokémon
76. Gypsy Pokémon (Female Only and no evolutions)
77. Rapunzel Pokémon (Nearly only female, male is very rare)
78. Beast Pokémon (No Evolutions)
79. Puss in Boots Kitten Pokémon 
80. Puss in Boots Cat Pokémon 
81. Puss in Boots Tiger Pokémon
82. Three Little Pigs Pokémon (Three pigs in one, like Dugtrio or Exeggcute)
83. Jimmy Squarefoot-like Pokémon
84. Naga Pokémon (No Evolution, but different Male and Female versions)
85. Werecat/catgirl Pokémon (Female only, no evolution)
86. Pinocchio Pokémon
87. Jack Pumpkinhead Pokémon 
88. Little Tin Man Pokémon
89. Tin Woodman Pokémon 
90. Tin Man Soldier Pokémon
91. Gorgon Pokémon
92. Medusa Pokémon
93. Little Bambi Pokémon (Magic-Type)
94. Adult Bambi Pokémon (Magic-Type)
95. Rabbit in Magic Hat Pokémon
96. Rabbit wearing Magic Hat Pokémon
97. Magician/Mad Hatter/Willy Wonka Rabbit Pokémon
98. Jabberwocky Pokémon
99. Jabberwocky Pokémon
100. Jabberwocky Pokémon
101. Wonderland Alice Pokémon
102. Mary Poppins Pokémon
103. Gingerbread Man Pokémon
104. Gingerbread Man Pokémon
105. Water Sprite Pokémon
106. Water Fairy Pokémon
107. Lady of the Lake Pokémon
108. Hair Monster Pokémon
109. Hair Monster Pokémon
110. Hair Monster Pokémon
111. Cockatrice Chick Pokémon
112. Cockatrice/Small Gorgon/Cyclops Pokémon
113. Cockatrice/Medusa Pokémon
114. Playing Cards Pokémon (Based on the Unown, but in the four suits and the face cards; Jack, King, and Queen, No Gender or Evolution)
115. Faun Pokémon
116. Satyr Pokémon
117. Jersey Devil Pokémon
118. Sabretooth Lion Pokémon (Evolution of Persian, based on the Nemean Lion)
119. Poisonous Tar Monster Pokémon (Evolution of Muk)
120. Kraken Pokémon (Evolution of either Tentacruel or Octillery)
121. Mouse Warrior Pokémon (Cross-Evolution for Pikachu, based on Redwall)
145. Western Fire European Dragon Pokémon
146. Eastern Electric Chinese Dragon Pokémon
147. Atlantean Water Sea Dragon Pokémon
148. Light/Magic-type Legendary Angel Pokémon
149. Dark/Magic-type Cthulhu Demon Pokémon
150. Ra Bird Pokémon
151. Legendary Hero Pokémon (based on Young Link)

Male: TBA (wears a RAD "Robin Hood" modern cap:… with the Nazi symbol replaced with a Pokéball symbol)
Female: TBA

Rival: TBA

Pokémon Professor: Professor Spruce – Studies the Magic of Pokémon (Based on Doctor Light from Mega Man and Santa Claus) and he's also the Gym Leader of the Conifer Town Gym

Trainer Classes
Ghost Freak: A boy trainer in a ghost sheet costume, specializes in Scary Pokémon (Poison, Ghost, Dark, and such).
Clowns: Trainers dressed in clown-like costumes, specializes in funny and fun Pokémon
(More coming soon.)

Villainous Team: Team Empire

Villainous Team Goal: Rule the (???) Region by controlling the Magic of Pokémon

Team Leader/Boss: Ares (Based on fantasy-styled conquerors, such as Sauron from Lord of the Rings, Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda, The Lich King from World of Warcraft, and the like.)

Villainous Elite Members
(Based on Morgan le Fey, the champion's lost sister and second-in-command)
(Based on Jafar, the head scientist)
(Based on Cruella DeVille, the fashionista member)
(Based on DMC3's Jester and Rumpelstiltskin, mysterious yet demented member)

Gym Leaders
1. (based on Robin Hood, specializes in grass-type Pokémon)
2. (Based on Ariel of the Little Mermaid, specializes in Water-type Pokémon)
3. (Based on Achilles or Ajax, specilaizes in Fighting-type Pokémon)
4. Professor Spruce (specializes in Ice-type Pokémon)
5. (based on Tinker Bell, specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon)
6. (Based on Thor, specializes in Thunder-type Pokémon)
7. (Based on Rasputin, specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon)
8. (Unknown, specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon)

Elite Four
1. (Based on Red Riding Hood, specializes in Fire-type Pokémon)
2. (Based on Princess Celestia, specializes in Light-type Pokémon)
3. (Based on the Grim Reaper, specialized in Ghost-type Pokémon)
4. (Based on Merlin, specializes in Magic-type Pokémon)

League Champion: Gwyn (Based on fantasy-styled kings, such as King Arthur or Richard the Lionheart, specializes in various Pokémon)

Game Features in this version

Mega Evolutions: Yes, total YES!

Berries: Yes, but only new ones (so no Oran berries, Tamato beries, Pecha berries, and such)

Poképlays: Sort of like Pokéstar Studios, but it primarily focuses on stage plays (take Pokémon Musical for an example)

Pookiés (pronounced po-keys): Like Poképuffs and Pokéblocks, but in a cookie fashion.

Free-for-All Battle: Use all six Pokémon in one battle against another Trainer's six Pokémon. The last team standing is the winner.

Magic-Type: Along with :iconsammychan816:'s Light-type and the official Fairy-type Pokémon, there is also Magic-Type Pokémon. They are immune to Fairy-Type Pokémon, Strong against Dark, Ghost, and Poison-type Pokémon while weak against Light, Dragon, and Steel-types.

Sky Battles: Sorry, but no. I think that battles that only flying-type Pokémon can battle is rather unfair in my point of view.

Pokémon-Amie: Yes, but with more games.
 * Story-Telling: It's like a Mad Libs game where you type or choose words for a story that you're going to tell to your Pokémon. If your Pokémon likes the story, he gets more friendly. But if not, he gets less friendly.
(More mini-game ideas coming soon.)

Pokémon Colosseums: Not like the ones you see in the console games (Pokémon Colosseum, XD, Battle Revolution). Pokémon Colosseums involve with gladiator-like mini-games (take Pokéathlon for an example)
 * Pokémon Chariot: Have your fastest Pokémon carry you in Chariot and race against other Trainers with their Pokémon. 
 (More mini-game ideas coming soon.)

There's more to come real soon.

NOTE: If you wish to share your ideas, feel free to comment. But remember, It must remain FANTASY-styled.


United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Goku, Yugi, Danny, Raimundo, Sora, and all the other heroes
Personal Quote: "Share Your Imagination."

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